When Slave Ports Meet
2022-03-15 16:44:24

"When Slave Ports Meet" by Michelle Peterkin-Walker (Akoma Arts) is an intriguing documentary film that looks at the heritage and contemporary life of African (Black) community in the Bristol and Liverpool whist making parallels with other slave ports such as New Orleans.

It centres on the historical heritage of slavery and impact on contemporary life; exploring whether the different communities are surviving , striving or thriving,

The documentary includes interviews with National Museums and galleries on Merseyside (NMGM), musician Bunny Marret and local video and music producers Michelle Walker and Richard Stokes.

The video film is an engaging piece of ‘edutainment’ that “tells it like it is” ! It’s innovative, sharp and quick pace music video style visuals brings the film tighter and reflects the independent wave of digital video film making by African Anglo Artists.

> I made this documentary way back in 2003. It funny looking back - the language, style, our youthfulness lol. I actually still like it - I cringe at most other things ;-)..I appreciate my old friends for helping me make it happen. It does make me question 'Where Are We Today?'..Anyhow, ENJOY x Michelle Peterkin-Walker

This video is part of the Spirit of Liverpool's Tag L8 initiative to co-create a community archive owned and run by the Liverpool 8 community. Tag L8 is supported by The Audience Agency’s Digitally Democratising Archives project thanks to funding from DCMS and the National Lottery, as part of The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s, Digital Skills for Heritage initiative.